Wood Chips and bbq - how to apply Info

Wood Chips and bbq Info

If you want to add smoke to your barbecue fire, put soaked wood chips in a large square of aluminum foil, fold it over into a small packet, poke holes in the top only and set on the flames. The wood will smoke and add a nice smoky flavor to the food. Some people call this "groking" or "smilling".
Other tips for making a barbecue are:

The best way knowing how to make great barbecue is to just start making it. Ask questions and try again. The great thing about this is you get to eat and cook all of the time. Here are a few of the most common tips from some of the Southís best barbecue gurus.
- Take your time.
Cooking good barbecue takes time and patience. Donít hurry. When I started cooking barbecue, I was told one to two hours per pound of meat. This can vary from smoker type to smoker type. It also can change from types of fuel used and the temperature of the smoker.
- Choosing your wood.
Type of wood used also came up many times. Around the South, hickory wood is most traditional. But other types of wood are used as well. Apple, oak, cherry, pear and more. If youíre using a wood burning smoker, you will need to add wood about every 45 minutes or so.
- Start off easy.
Most pit masters agreed that for the beginner, burgers are a safe grilling bet. Then, when ready to smoke, start off with some chicken or a pork roast. Ribs, pulled pork, and tenderloins come down the road. Also, donít invite the family and friends over the first time you fire up the smoker.
- Marinate your meat.
Whenever possible, marinate your meat before cooking. I often marinate or season with a dry rub overnight.
- Learn the basics around the kitchen.
Learning to dice some veggies, make a sauce, and even boil some water will help out the beginner outdoor cook.
- Donít try too much at once.
Many legendary barbecue joints have really simple menus.
- Keep your smoke.
The secret to great smoky flavored barbecue is to keep your lid closed. Only open it when checking fuel, temperature or when basting. Just opening the lid to show off your brisket to buddies increases cooking time and loses your smoke!
-Keep the air flowing and the fire small.
Even though you have the lid closed, make sure you regulate the airflow to keep your fire going. Also keep your fire small when slow cooking. You are looking for smoke. As you change cooking methods from smoking to grilling, your heat source will get larger and move more directly underneath your food.
- Make small changes.
If you see something going wrong or you want to try something else, make only small changes. Making a huge firebox change or airflow change in the middle of a smoking session can ruin the best cut of meat. Make a small adjustment and go from there.
- Use seasoned wood.
When you start out, make sure to use seasoned wood for smoking. Green wood can be used by seasoned pros, but beginners should avoid it since it can cause a bitter taste. When using wood chips, be sure to soak them at least 30 minutes in water before using. Source: barbecueamerica and quailridge.com.


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