Alphabetical List of Calories in Food Info

Alphabetical List of Calories in Food

What you need to know about calories.
Calories provide energy for your body. If your medical practitioner recommends it, you may need to cut down on the calories you eat. A dietitian can help you plan ways to bring down calories in the best possible way.

However some people on dialysis need to gain weight. You may need to find ways to add calories to your diet. Vegetable oils, like olive oil, canola oil and safflower oil, are good sources of calories. Use them generously on breads, rice, and noodles.

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Butter and margarines are rich in calories. But these fatty foods can also clog your arteries. Use them less often. Soft margarine that comes in tubs is better than stick margarine. Vegetable oils are the healthiest way to add fat to your diet if you need to gain weight.
Hard candy, sugar, honey, jam, and jelly provide calories and energy without clogging arteries or adding other things that your body does not need.

Therefore, eat less fat by staying away from fried foods, rich desserts, and chocolate candy. Foods with a lot of fat have a lot of calories.

(1 US fl oz (fluid ounce) is approx. 29.5 milliliters)
Food Weight(g) Usual Measure Calories

Beer 355 12 fl oz 138
Wine, red (table) 103 3.5 fl oz 74
Wine, white (table) 103 3.5 fl oz 70
Apple juice 248 1cup 117
Apples (with skin) 138 1 apple 72
Apricots 35 1 apricot 17
Bananas 118 1 banana 105
Beans, green, boiled 125 1 cup 44
Beans, green, boiled 125 1 cup 44
Beef stew, canned entree 232 1 cup 218
Beef, chuck,bl.roast,fat 85 3 oz 293
Blackberries 144 1 cup 62
Bologna,beef & pork 56.7 2 slices 175
Bread,corn, dry mix 60 1 piece 188
Bread,italian 20 1 slice 54
Bread,oatmeal 27 1 slice 73
Bread,rye 32 1 slice 83
Brocoli, 88 1cup 30
Cabbage,red 70 1 cup 22
Cake, 28 1 piece 72
Cake,choc.frosting 64 1 piece 235
Candies,caramels 10 1 piece 39
Cola,carbon.bev. 370 12 fl oz 155
Orange,carbon.bev. 372 12 fl oz 179
Carrot,raw 72 1 carrot 30
Catsup, 15 1 tbsp 15
Cauliflower,cooked 124 1 cup 29
Cheesepasteurized 28 1 oz 94

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