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Calorie of Avocado - How Much Calories Avocados Have

What do we understand about calories in fruit and therefore in avocados. People wondering what number of calorie of avocado are or how many calories in an avocado, may well concern about their health and weight, as one should eat less calories if you want to lose weight. It is not a coincident that we're talking here about what number of calorie avocado have, when you for example can replace certain foods of higher calory counts with lower calorie fruits and vegetables. When taking fruit and vegetables you get food quantity by the fiber and water that's in that food, resulting in having same quantity of food but less calories. In general we can say that fruit and vegetables possess fewer calories because of their natural existence.

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So, to take in less calories when having breakfast you might take an avocado instead of some cheese or egg. Or when you take a bowl of cereal, do a bit less cereal and add some fruit parts.
Same for your lunch, have some cheese, or meat parts replaced by tomatoes and that kind of vegetables. All small changes help you getting less calories. Same thing does a portion of chopped vegetables such as carrots, peppers, beans, which also give you a full feeling without having too many calories. Also when you take foods that usually go with mayonnaise, you might instead add avocado or at least replace part of mayo with fruit like avocado. That's also a way to decrease the number of calories you take quite a lot.

Calories can be described as entities in foods a human body needs. Every human being daily needs a certain amout of calories. Now, the problem is. if we take more calories then needed, then our weight will increase. So, it is very important to not take too many calories. In case we're taking too many calories but at the same day doing physically heavy work then our weight probably does not increase. Besides weight increase when taking too much calories, mind that decreasing the amount of calorie intake also means less chance of getting chronic diseases like some types of cancer, a stroke and/or heart disease.

An avocado is described as a pear-shaped tropical fruit with green or somewhat black skin and rich yellow colored pulp with a large seed in the middle.
How much calories in avocado.
Avocados are considered as fruit with comparatively few calories. An average-sized avocado has approximately 250 calories. So, if you take half an avocado you get approx. 125 calories. The fruit contains dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, folate, and the vitamins B6, C and E. An avocado further lacks sodium and cholesterol which is also positive. One can say that most fruits and vegetables have no cholesterol and are low in calories.
Research showed that an avocado grown in California has more calories then an avocado grown in Florida.
In general one can say that 95% of the calories in avocado comes from the fat in the fruit. 4% comes from the protein and 1% from carbohydrate.
It is furhter believed and indicated by research that meals containing 20-30% calories from so-called 'good fat' such as the oils found in avocados, will support good health and also helping weight loss and weight maintenance.

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We'll get back here for more about avocados calories, and what the consequences might be for taking too many calories of avocado.


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