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How Much MCRib Calories Intake

Talking about McRib calories - some say mycrib calories - what do we know about calories. Well, calories is our factor to count the quantity of energy in the food we eat. We all need a certain amount of calories to stay alive. But if we eat too much of certain foods, we get to many calories and therefore we get too fat. So how about the McRib sandwich.

Now McDonald states these total nutrition facts and calories in McRib Pork Patty including bun, sauce, pickle slices and slivered onions:
Calories: 500 - calories from fat: 240
Total fat (g): 26 - saturated fat (g): 10 - trans fat (g): 0
Cholesterol (mg): 70 - sodium (mg): 980
Carbohydrates (g): 44 - dietary fiber (g): 3 - sugars (g): 11
Protein (g): 22 - vitamin A (IU): 70 - vitamin C (mg): 1
Calcium (mg): 170 - iron (mg): 3.5
(Abbreviations: (g): gram, (mg): milligram, (IU): International Unit or Use)

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For better insights here's information about calories needed a day. Mind that the more active the more calories get burned.
Goverment guidelines indicate the number of calories needed a day, when there's less than 30 minutes physical activity and age 9 -13:
Girls: 1600 and boys: 1800 calories
When there's 60 minutes or more physical activity, the maximum number of calories for gilrs is 2200 and for boys it is 2600 calories.

Age 14 - 18:
Girls: 1800 and boys: 2200 calories, when not much physical activity
When physically active an hour or more, girls: 2000 - 2400 and boys: 2400 - 3200 calories.

Age 19 -30:
Respective numbers are:
Women: 2000 and men: 2400 calories. Women: 2000 - 2400 and men: 2400 - 3000 calories.

People may wonder how fast food and school food compares to food from home.
From a - U.S. Department of Agriculture - publication about how fast food affects young people's diet quality, we learn that, besides low nutrient foods, not enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains and milk, children consume too much calories-containing foods.

Including caloric sweetened beverages researchers find children taking fast food meals, get 4% lower diet quality and 65 calories more than meals prepared at home. For older children the fast food effect is about 107 calories more compared with at home meals. Among children ages 13-18, food from school may even exceed the fast food effect as the figure is about 145 calories more than food from home.
Hopefully after reading this you may have a better understanding of McRib nutrition and calories in general. In case you want to know more about calories.

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