Are All Your Floors Carpeted? Here is Why You Need to Install Padding

26 February 2019
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Carpets are a staple in a majority of homes since there are virtually endless types, fibres and colours that you can choose to complement your interior décor. Nonetheless, while carpets are a popular flooring option, they all pose a few challenges. From premature wear to the risk of slipping due to the siding of the carpet, you should consider solutions to keeping your carpets from posing a safety risk. One solution that more and more people are seeking is the installation of padding. Read More 

Looking for a Timber Floor Substitute? Choose Laminate Over Vinyl

9 November 2018
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If you're looking for a low-cost alternative to genuine timber flooring, you might find yourself struggling to decide between laminate and vinyl. Laminate flooring uses several layers of HDF (high-density fibreboard) made from recycled wood, while vinyl flooring is a completely synthetic material made from several layers of PVC and fibreglass. Vinyl flooring does come with several benefits, but most homeowners find themselves better off with laminate. Here are just a few reasons why. Read More 

4 Flooring Options You Should Consider Before Passing Over a Fixer Upper

9 July 2018
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Moving out on your own can be quite hard, especially of you do not have friends to live with it. More often than not, you may not have enough money to rent an apartment on the beach or a penthouse in the city. You may have to make do with what you can afford. But what if all you can afford is a house with stained or cracked floors? Provided the walls and ceilings are still intact, you can always refurbish the floors. Read More 

Three guidelines to follow when installing floor trusses

15 May 2018
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There are two options that home builders have to grapple with when installing their floors, whether to install floor trusses or get joists. Floor trusses are seen by many as a better alternative because they weigh less and make it easy to install structures such as the plumbing, wiring and other ductwork. Before installing the truss, it is important to remember that every building has its own design, and buying trusses without consulting will most likely lead to serious design flaws. Read More 

5 Carpet Selection Tips for Dog Owners

21 March 2018
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You love your dog – that's a given. Unfortunately, having a dog means thinking a little harder when you make any home improvements, such as picking out carpet flooring. Carpets are nice for dogs because they offer a soft, warm surface on which to walk and sleep, and carpet isn't slippery like tile, wood, or vinyl.  Of course, some carpets work better than others. Here are just five tips dog owners should follow when looking for a carpet. Read More