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HCG Diet Direct Diet Directions

We learn from HCG Diet Direct that they publish their HCG diet medical research in support of the protocol that allows dieters to drop drastic amounts of weight using short programs.
HCG is known for providing Homeopathic diet products and service to their customers. Products like Homeopathic Drops, Metabolizer & Energy Supplement, B Vitamin Complex and more...

For dieters benefit they often add new information to their library and their article directory Additions include HCG diet medical research including:
1. Video documentary and results of a clinical study of HCG Diet Direct weight loss formula and the resulting weight loss. Clinical studies supported the HCG Diet Direct claim of 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per day on average for dieters who follow the required protocol.

2. Article discussions of recent HCG diet medical research originally published in Science Daily that indicated that previous studies regarding "eating a large breakfast" to decrease overall caloric intake for a day were misleading.

Dieters on the VLCD portion of the program do not eat a large breakfast. Most restrict their morning eating/drinking to herbal tea and water. This practice of skipping breakfast is only required during the VLCD phase and dieters are urged to re-introduce breakfast during the maintenance phase of the diet.
The company likes their dieters to have the most recent information, as knowledge can be a great motivator to improve people's health through weight loss.

Talking about knowledge, employees of HCG Diet Direct will talk about their own weight loss experience with customers. The company therefore provides training to all customer service staff in order to ensure answers, tips and consulting are always appropriate for dieters and prospective dieters calling in with questions and requests for help.

According to HCG, their employees have all experienced weight loss using the HCG Diet Direct weight loss formula and can offer firsthand knowledge of the product to customers and potential customers.

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