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Sonoma Diet

This Sonoma diet (also written as Somona diet or Sanoma diet) is partly inspired by the Mediterranean way of life and foods with a touch of California's Sonoma county lifestyle.

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The diet is divided in phases. First phase is a ten days diet in which you lose your pounds rapidly by not using sugar and certain foods but focusing more on vegetables, 'good' oils and fats, whole grains and lean protein. Just a note about sugar: some people experience that they don't want as much sugar after they start this phase (such as decreasing sugar intake).

The second phase consists of taking a wider variety of foods, a piece of dark chocolate up to 3 times per week, and each day a glass of wine. For a lot of people a more enjoyable phase.

The third phase is meant to help you maintaining your weight loss. There will be no counting of calories. Instead, you're informed how to use specifically sized plates and bowls and learned how to fill them with the right proportions from each food group.

This Sonoma diet is all about how to lose weight while eating some of the most flavorful foods in the world.
By joining you get 14 online tools such as meal planner, printable shopping lists, 500 recipes, food diary, weight tracker and on.
There's also a 24-hour support and a customized plan and more, - even new fall meal plans - to help you reach your goals.

You costs for this Sonoma Diet membership are $5 a week. One of the best parts though is the 10-day trial period. To sign up you'll need your credit card but it will not be charged during the trial period. If you're not 100% satisfied, you can simply call customer service to cancel your subscription, without charge.

This diet is a delectable way for people who love great-tasting food and wine to slim down and feel healthier.

Here's what a Sonoma Diet customer says:
"Over the course of a year, I've lost 65 pounds, and I've kept off every pound of it! I can't believe it; I tell people all the time that I feel like a movie star!"

You can Click Here to get more information at Amazon.

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