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Ultimate Lectin Defense

Recently, True Health™ launched its new dietary supplement Ultimate Lectin Defense™ for digestive health.
According to the manufacturer this supplement can be applied when certain food causes digestive issues. Situations you can think of when eating foods like soy, meats, peanuts, grains, tomatoes.

From the press release we learn that lectins are sticky proteins that make up part of a plant's natural immune system. You can say that lectins are kind of defense for a plant. Now the human body accepts most of the lectins but there's about 5 percent of lectins that may cause some damage.

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The announcement continues with citing an M.D.: "the lectins that aren’t eliminated can attach themselves to cells and coagulate, or clump, in the bloodstream. Lectin exposure, over time, has been linked to aging, allergies, asthma, autoimmune disorders, blood disorders, heart conditions, blood sugar imbalance, digestive problems, liver complications, learning disorders, skin disorders and reproductive problems in women, according to D’Adamo.

Lectins are found in most all the foods people eat including wheat, rye, barley malt, oats, tomato, potato, eggplant, beans, nuts, milk products, cheese, yogurt and eggs, just to name a few. These proteins cannot be eliminated through any cooking process.

But with the nutrients found in Ultimate Lectin Defense™ from True Health™ such as N-acetyl glucosamine, bladderwrack, D-mannose, mucins, sodium alginate and pepsin, it is possible to protect the body from lectin damage. Cutler stated that together these ingredients may help promote tolerance to foods and reduce food sensitivities, optimize digestive function, reduce skin outbreaks, unwanted weight gain, post-meal fatigue, joint discomfort and more.

The lectin molecules—including wheat lectins responsible for gluten sensitivities—are surrounded by the nutrients contained in Ultimate Lectin Defense™ and flushed out of the body before they can damage the intestinal lining or digestive system. This doesn’t mean people are open to overindulging in foods that disrupt their digestive system, Cutler said, but it helps to provide variety in terms of moderation to once-forbidden foods."

The True Health company suggests to benefit from the nutrients in their new dietary supplement Ultimate Lectin Defense™ containing the lectin protection in case you experience digestive issues as describe here earlier.

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