• Recreate over 140 of the best gym exercises
  • Variable resistance for all strength levels
  • Easy on the joints...tough on the muscles
  • You don't need weight plates and other equipment

  • Bodylastic Exercises - Ways to Build Muscle Fast

    Bodylastic Exercises - Ways to Build Muscle Fast

    Getting in shape and saving a ton of cash at the same time.
    The Bodylastics system comes with a 6-week 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason your are not delighted, simply send it back and Bodylastics will refund the purchase price no questions asked!

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    The Bodylastics Home Gym System
    According to the rave testimonials there's no better home gym. Bodylastics is a complete home gym system and was designed in 1996 to outperform the most popular and expensive large bulky home gyms.

    Smoothest resistance
    When Bodylastics was first developing the Home Gym System, they searched for the smoothest source of resistance available. Well, they found it - Elastic tubing. Not only is elastic tubing super smooth when you stretch it, but it is incredibly light and flexible. That means it is easy to store - no extra room needed!

    Once they decided that elastic tubing would be their resistance "engine", they set out to design a system that could create several levels of tension. This would enable users of all strength levels to get the best results possible. So, they created the Bodylastics Quick Clip System. Their elastics have solid aluminum clips secured to the ends so that it can be easily attached to handles and ankle straps. This simple yet effective design gives users the ability to generate from 15 to 94 levels of tension.

    In forums people say they've good experiences with the Bodylastics system and for what the system costs and the space it takes up and the versatility the Bodylastics system offers, its worth the money. A lot of users find that no longer bordering about weight plates and other equipment, is a big plus.

    You can Click Here to get more information and reviews at Amazon.


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