Orbitrek Elite
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Exercise Machine Orbitrek Elite | Orbitrek Platinum Elliptical Trainer
Exercise Machine  Orbitrek Elite

Exercise Machine Orbitrek Elite

One of the popular Orbitrek exercise machines - or ellip-bicycles as some call it - is the Orbitrek Elite.
This exercise machine may combine waist slimming cardio with the power of resistance training all in one machine, which is good for your muscle building and burning calories in one workout.

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An advantage of this kind of exercise machine today is that because of the shape and size, the machine/bicycle doesn't need much space so it is also perfect for smaller houses or apartments.
But despite the size of the Orbitrek Elite the exercise machine makes a total body workout with no impact possible, and having that special 'Turn and Burn Resistance' feature.
With this feature you can increase the resistance to burn up to 820 calories per hour. Your exercising effects doubles that way. And despite it's size the machine has large pedals and doesn't make any noise.


The machine has a weight restriction of 275 lbs.
User space needed: Width: Approx. 23" - storage width: 20 ½"
Handle bar height In highest position: 59"
Machine's height, without handle bars: 28 ¼" Weight: 66.8 lbs (30.3 kg)
Mark Spitz, 7 time Gold Medal Winner:
"...I know when I am on the Orbitrek Elite, I am burning calories, building muscles at the same time. What I have been accustomed to for 30 years, I can get that on the Orbitrek Elite. It truly is a full body workout. I definitely give my gold seal of approval!..."
Random users:
"...I've had my Orbitrek Elite for about a week and I've already noticed a difference in my legs..."
"...The Orbitrek is perfect for me, twenty minutes and that is all I need"
"...love the Orbitrek, it's a great machine, for my arms, shoulders, legs, calves, quads, yes, it's geting core, indeed, a total body workout"

Differences between Orbitrek Elite and its predecessor the Orbitrek Platinum:
- The flywheel of Elite is metal flywheel instead of plastic wheel of Platinum. As the metal flywheel is heavier than the plastic wheel and the surface of the metal flywheel is also shiny and smooth, it makes the running of the Elite product much more smooth and quiet than the Platinum.
- The tension adjustment of Elite is 4 sections tension control, Platinum is free tension control.
- The resistance system of Elite is with friction pad system, Platinum is with tension belt system.

























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Exercise Machine Orbitrek Elite | Orbitrek Platinum Elliptical Trainer

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