Smooth Fitness CE Elliptical Trainer

  • Superior Smoothness and Comfort
  • Takes up Minimal Floor Space
  • 2 Year In-Home Labor Warranty
  • Lowest Prices Ever.

  • SmoothFitness CE Elliptical Trainers

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    High-Precision German Craftsmanship:
    The Smooth CE elliptical trainer is comprised of factory milled and robotically welded "tunnel-design" steel tubing that provides superior strength. The machine is finished with a high quality powder coat.

    Space Saving Footprint:
    At only 57"(L) x 22"(W) the CE is a compact and efficient elliptical machine.

    48-lb. Flywheel:
    The heavy, precision-balanced flywheel provides the smoothest elliptical motion in the industry.

    Eddy-Current Braking System:
    The elliptical's electromagnetic resistance system has no motor and fewer parts than mechanical breaking systems, which allows for better control and decreases potential service issues.

    75 Levels of Resistance:
    The eddy-current resistance is displayed in 75 increments of 5 watts each, in a range from 25 to 400 watts, this provides enough challenge for the beginner through the well-conditioned athlete.

    Siemens Training Computer:
    This Smooth Fitness elliptical is equipped with high contrast LCD with graphic display of resistance profile, performance in watts, number of cycles, timer, training distance, total km, speed, room temperature, pulse, and average values at the end of training.

    Patented Adjustable Foot Pedal Motion: Through the innovative elliptical movement of the footplates, the Smooth CE elliptical trainer offers the unique and enjoyable feeling of weightlessness during training.

    Reverse Resistance:
    By reversing the elliptical stride, you can exercise additional lower body muscles giving you a more complete workout.

    Heart Rate Control:
    The CE provided automated control of the resistance trainer according to your pulse for optimum performance (ear clip included). Ergonomically positioned hand grip pulse sensors are also linked to the heart rate control if you prefer not to wear the ear clip.

    Recovery Pulse Measuring:
    After your training session, press the recovery key and continue to monitor your heart rate for 60 seconds. The elliptical computer will calculate the speed at which your pulse returns to a resting heart rate. Depending on how quickly you recover your fitness level will be scored from 1 to 6 (1 is highest). In addition to weight loss and increased muscle tone, here is another concrete way to monitor the ongoing improvement in your cardiovascular fitness!

    You can Click Here to get more information and reviews at Amazon.

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