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Used Precor equipment such as the Precor C962i remanufactured treadmill.
Precor® treadmills have unique technologies, which adds to the comfort and safety of walking & running. Ground effects™ Impact control system assures optimum shock absorption throughout the entire running area. Integrated footplate technology, is a system controlled by a microprocessor, which constantly regulate speed to enhance safety, comfort, and preserve the natural comfortable walking and running motion. Pulse Width Modulation motor enhances the dependability and efficiency of the unit by lowering the current draw. The particular Bed & Belt system doesn't need any lubrication or waxing, which reduces maintenance requirements. The electronic consol is easy to follow and effective as ever.

Specifications of his Precor C962i remanufactured treadmill are:
- Ground Effects™ impact absorption system
- Running surface : 20"W x 61"L Reversible deck (no waxing required)
- Dimensions: 32"W x 80"L x 51" H
- Weight : 410 lb. (cased for shipping 430 lb.)
- Power : 120Volts (20-amp circuit breaker recommended) Can be plugged into a conventional wallplug in a home. 240Volts (20-amp circuit breaker and dedicated circuit recommended)
- Consol Readouts : Segment Time Left, Minutes Per Mile / km, Watts, Pacer Distance, Pacer Speed, Calories Per Minute, Total Calories, Incline & Mets
- Speed: 0.5 mph - 15 mph : -3 to +15%
- Motor : 4 HP PWM (Continuous Duty DC) Ground Effects™ Impact Absorption System Workout Programs
- Heart Rate Monitoring: Optional

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Precor® treadmills have unique technologies, which adds to the comfort and safety of walking & running.
Used Precor Equipment

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