Factors To Healthier Ageing

Factors To Healthier Ageing

Almost everyone is familiar already that:
- having the right meals,
- performing exercises,
- not drinking too much,
- staying away from taking cigarettes
and some other unfavorable lifestyle improves options of experiencing a longer and healthier existence.

Maybe you're just exercising, that's fine. But new analysis emphasizes that your health benefit most when doing more positive things besides exercising, such as healthy eating and not smoking etc.

The study was about people of middle age who were in-active as to what their health concerned. The other group of people, on the contrary, did healthy things such as performing exercising regularly, not too much drinking, and having fruits and vegetables every day.
When you do these healthy things you could well getting older in good physical condition - in general - without much chance of getting a disease or becoming disabled.

So, doing a single thing for your health is important but the analysis illustrates that doing more than just one thing has a lot more affect on your health and quality of life. It will increase the chance of getting older without a disease.
I think it is not surprising when we take good care of our body condition it certainly benefits to a comfortable aging process.

What we learn from this analysis is that each healthy thing we do (exercise, eat healthy, not too much drinking) adds up - in combination it makes each element stronger. In case you want indepth data, see: Canadian Medical Association Journal

When talking about physical activity, mind that it does good for your condition and don't think that you're too old for that. You may benefit from being active by staying independent, you will have more energy to do things, it may also prevent certain diseases such as osteoporosis (fragile porous bones attributable to a lack of calcium), diabetes, heart/blood vessel disease and it may also benefit those suffering from depression.

It would be nice if exercising becomes your everyday habit. An advantage of a habit is that there's less chance to postpone to do things. When you exercise every day at the same time it is easy to stick by. It doesn't always have to be a working out. May be you like to walk, work in the garden, going up and down the stairs, swimming, biking. When you day it every day it gets easier to do. And it doesn't have to be an hour or 30 minutes. You could also exercise for say 10 minutes, a few times a day.


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