Herbal Life Pills Info

Herbal Life Pills Info

The used heading words is what a lot of people write, but the right spelling is Herbalife.
One of their products are what they call N-R-G tablets. Here's what they say about these pills: "A natural energy lift in tablet form, boosting and sustaining energy levels.
Enjoy the energy secret of the Amazon - guarana. This energizing seed contains a substance similar to caffeine, known as guaranine, that can increase mental alertness and help maintain energy levels over a period of hours.* Carry these tablets with you and use them mid-morning or mid-afternoon whenever you need a physical and mental boost."

Another Herbalife product in tablet form is Thermo-BondŽ Fiber. It is intended to help control fat absorption and weight-loss support when on a calorie-controlled diet while engaging in moderate exercise.
The company says that the important benefits are:
Natural plant fibers combine with your food intake to control fat absorption when on a calorie controlled diet while engaging in moderate exercise.
A diet poor in fiber can result in a slow intestinal transit time leading to intestinal discomfort. As a result, waste, including unwanted fats, remains longer in the digestive tract and is more likely to be absorbed.* Thermo-BondŽ may help speed the passage of food through the digestive system, supporting good health and weight management, says Herbalife.

There are also Prelox? Blue pills. It's a herbal supplement from Herbalife International, that stabilizes and promotes sexual performance, and offers important ongoing health benefits.
Good sexual health benefits the heart and overall circulation, helps keep the prostate healthy, burns calories (about 150 per half hour), is a natural pain reliever as the body releases endorphins, helps to bring down stress and increases the level of testosterone in the body. "As men age, often times their sexual responsiveness declines, which can have a negative impact, both physically and emotionally," said Lawrence May, M.D., a Harvard-trained internist in private practice and chairman of the Herbalife Medical Advisory Board. He adds, "what was effortless and natural for men in their 20's can become stressful and less satisfying for men aged 40 and above. Unhealthy lifestyles, particularly smoking, or medical conditions, notably diabetes, also impair sexual ability."

Herbalife indicates that some statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and that products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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