Mobile Wood Burning BBQ Pits Info

Mobile Wood Burning BBQ Pits Info

If you're looking for a mobile wood burning bbq pit then also consider Southern Pride's mobile pits.
The company's watchword in their SL-T line of wood burning barbecue pits is Portability. "The mobility of the Southern Pride Trailer design is ideal for concessionaires, special events caterers, and other chefs on the go. Pressure treated hardwood trailer deck and 22 gauge stainless steel oven exteriors will withstand even the most extreme weather, says Southern Pride.

Other features are:
- Thermostatic Control: Precise thermostatic control maintains a constant pit temperature and provides for day-to-day product consistency. So there's no need for training skilled employees, saving you countless dollars in a restaurant's two most expensive factors: food cost and labor.

- Convection Air: This convection system continually recirculates smoke and heat throughout the entire pit, insuring temperature uniformity. This feature reduces cooking time, reduces shrinkage and allows cooking at a lower temperature.

- Rotisserie: This aspect provides self-basting of the product to enhance its flavor and texture. In conjunction with the convection system, the rotisserie eliminates your need to turn the product while it cooks. The food racks are specially designed for quick removal and easy cleaning.

- Subterthermic™ flue: Maximum smoke intensity is obtained with this unique, patented Southern Pride flue system. It increases smoke flavor of the meat, increased heat efficiency and drastically reduces wood usage. Together with insulated walls and S.P.'s patented air-over firebox, the Subterthermic™ flue reduces wood usage to as little as two fireplace-size logs for an entire day's cooking.

- Downtime Eliminated: The unique wood burning feature of this equipment allows for the cooking process to continue in the remote possibility of power or component failure.


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