Soap Herbal Natural Info

Soap Herbal Natural Info

Soapmaker shares the recipe for a successful heart-and-soul business.
PRWEB) June 4, 2004--Evergreen trees, aromatic rose gardens, mountain sage growing on a sunny hillside with drops of dew. The warm, rich aroma of a kitchen, brewing freshly ground coffee. These are the things that inspire soapmaker Colleen Miller. So powerful and compelling are the rural Colorado soap artist's inspirations, that she set up a line of top selling natural care products fashioned after them.

"I wanted to take something ordinary, like a bar of soap, and give it a personality. Let it tell a story. The things that I have most enjoyed in life seemed like the perfect subject for my art," says Miller, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture and is also a certified herbalist.

"We all have special memories of scent. Some of my fondest are of nature. Like hiking through forests filled with the crisp clean scent of evergreen trees. So I created Rocky Mountain Evergreen blend which I use to scent herbal soaps, organic lotions, and soy candles.” Soy candles are a natural alternative to traditional waxes. Other blends include: Lavender, Rosemary Mint, Sandouli (a combination of sandalwood and patchouli), Cowboy Grit, Juniper Spice, Mountain Sage, Coconut Rose, Geranium Mint, among others. Organic lotions contain organic vegetable oils such as rose hips, evening primrose, jojoba, sunflower, and olive, and are scented with aromatherapy blends of essential oils that she creates specially for each product.

“Essential oils are derived only from plants, unlike synthetic fragrances oils,” says Miller. “They have aromatherapy benefits that can help with tension, acne, depression, mature skin, eczema, and more. People are really starting to learn the benefits of essential oils and their effect on the body, mind, and spirit. The combination of essential oils and my nature recipes really has my customers hooked. Once they try it, they can’t go back”

The body butter is also a best-selling product. Made from cocoa, shea, and mango butter it is a thick, rich crème perfect for dry skin.
“The body butter is so moisturizing because it contains natural ingredients that I combine in my own original recipe. It doesn’t contain anything artificial and you can really tell.”

Creating products that excite and delight is Miller's aim. Most of her organic herbs used to color and enhance the products are grown in her local organic gardens.
"I try to use as many organic ingredients as possible," Miller says. “I buy in bulk mostly from companies who promote and sell organic ingredients.”
Her packaging reflects the natural, raw organic theme of her company, using botanical art designs and a blend of hemp and kenaf paper.

“I'm enjoying developing new products and packaging that is reflective of my heart and soul. While I have created soap from my own special formulas, I have also worked with others to create products for their unique life stories. Soap, soy wax, and organic herbs are a happy medium to work with. I'm thrilled that so many people have shown an interest in using our products."
For more information contact Colleen Miller at P.O. Box 295 Indian Hills, CO 80454 ; we couldn't find her website: greenridgeherbals.

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