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Your body stores fat from the calorie-rich food you eat. You probably know that, but what you probably don't want is that the storage becomes too large.

Now there's a scientific description of the regulation of calories - fat metabolism (Metabolism is the organic process that is necessary for life)
"The body stores fat in molecules called triglycerides.When fat is burned for fuel, each triglyceride is broken into its component parts: three free fatty acid (FFA) molecules and one molecule of glycerol. The Klein lab studies fat metabolism by directly measuring the appearanceand disappearance of the FFA and glycerol in the bodywhen fat is utilized for energy. The presence of excess FFA is known to stimulate the liver to release glucoseand to contribute to type 2 diabetes by inhibiting theaction of insulin. Excess FFA also stimulates the production of very low density lipoprotein (VLDL, which isthe primary carrier of plasma riglycerides), and decreaseshigh density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-cholesterol,also known as “good cholesterol”). Both of these effectsincrease the risk of heart disease". Source is: National Institutes of Health.

How can we utilize negative calorie foods?
Through consuming negative calorie foods you can lose a lot of weight. In order for your body to use the food you eat, the food itself must go through physical and chemical changes. That is your digestive system breaks down and processes everything you consume. The entire process burns the calories and results in losing weight!

Discover here how to benefit from negative calorie foods.
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