Astragalus Benefits and Uses

Astragalus benefits obviously were quite well recognized in China as it has been used already for centuries as a traditional medicine. Also with other plant combinations it can empower a human body and protect it against diseases.
Not too long ago there was also a discussion about Astragalus in the Dr Oz show.

The word Astragalus relates to the plant with the same name. It is believed that the plant originated in China, where extracts from it have a long history of used in Chines medicine. In the twentieth century the plant became known and used in the United States.

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The Chinese experienced that the extracts from the Astralagus plant were quite suitable for strengthening human's immune system. Astralagus uses are still very much applied in China, mainly acting as a cure for several diseases such as heart disease, respiratory infections, colds, a form of therapy against cancer and as a remedy for Inflammation of the liver (Hepatitis). Its working was also confirmed in recent studies in China.

Astralagus combines well with parts of other plants such as licorice, angelica, ginseng and more...
The root of the plant is used as an ingredient in nutrition such as teas and soups, but als in the form of capsules and extracts, to also protect the body against symptoms of stress. It also seems to help people recover faster from chemotherapy/radiation.

From the U.S. NIH (National Institutes of Health) we learn that it is considered safe to use Astragalus. Usually it is used together with other plant extracts, therefore it is hard to say if there are any severe Astragalus side effects.

Although Astralagus may interact with certain medications, it is always advised to consult your doctor or health practitioner if you use medication for your health problems and intend to also use extracts or dietary supplements where Astralagus is one of the ingredients.

Other resources:

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