Popeyes Chicken Nutrition Information


Popeyes Chicken Nutrition Information

Chicken nutrition attracts lots of attention these days and undoubtedly for a part that may come because of Popeyes. At the Popeyes restaurants you can buy the popular spicy fried chicken. So then there are people who want to know more about chicken nutrition and thus are looking for Popeyes Chicken Nutrition Information.

For your information, chicken is healthy food, we just give here some further info for you to consider.

Although a fried chicken may taste really delicious, you might have a question regarding the amount of fat a chicken contains. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration indicates that high amounts of saturated fat are found in chicken skin and other animal products, such as beef and pork, butter, whole milk, and cheese.

So, if you want to take chicken nutrition with low saturated fat, you should eat chicken without the skin. I agree, you'll miss the tasty fried chicken skin, but a piece of chicken with skin may have as much as twice the amount of fat or even more than a piece of chicken without skin.

Health experts believe that less saturated fat in your food will have a positive effect on lowering blood cholesterol and therefore reduces the risk of heart disease.

Chicken meat is healthy. It's also recommended for low carb, high protein and weight loss diets.

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Note: this web page is by no means related to Popeyes restaurants.


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