Vioxx Shortness of Breath Info

Vioxx Shortness of Breath Info

Because there's a lot of questioning regarding the Vioxx drug these days, you'll find here info on shortness of breath and other side effects and symptoms.
Possible side effects of the Vioxx drug? FDA Medwatch docs:
Serious but rare and potentially
life-threatening side effects that have been reported in patients taking Vioxx include:

Serious stomach problems, such as stomach and intestinal bleeding, can happen with or without warning symptoms. These problems, if serious, could lead to hospitalization or death. Although this does not happen often, you should watch for the signs and symptoms (for instance, stomach burning, vomiting blood, or if there is blood in the bowel movement or it is black and sticky like tar). Call your doctor right away if you or your child have any of these serious side effects.

Serious allergic reactions include the symptoms and signs of swelling of the face, lips, tongue; trouble breathing such as chest tightness or SHORTNESS OF BREATH; trouble swallowing; hives; wheezing; or shock (loss of blood pressure and consciousness). Get emergency help right away if you get any of these symptoms or signs. Serious skin reactions have also been reported.

Heart attacks and other serious cardiovascular events, such as blood clots in your body have been reported in patients taking the Vioxx drug.

Serious kidney problems can happen, including acute (sudden) kidney failure and worsening of chronic kidney failure.

Severe liver problems, including hepatitis, jaundice and liver failure, can occur. Call your doctor if you or your child gets any of these symptoms of liver problems. These include: nausea; itching; pain in the right upper abdomen; yellow skin or eyes; or flu-like symptoms.

Your doctor may do blood tests and check you or your child for problems that may happen during treatment with this Vioxx drug.

Trying to be complete: more common, but less serious side effects reported with Vioxx have included the following:
Respiratory infections, Headache, Dizziness, Diarrhea, Nausea, vomiting and upset stomach, Heartburn, Stomach pain, Swelling of the legs and/or feet, High blood pressure, Back pain, Tiredness and Urinary tract infection.

Additionally, the following side effects have been reported: anxiety, blurred vision, colitis, confusion, constipation, decreased levels of sodium in the blood, depression, fluid in the lungs, hair loss, hallucinations, increased levels of potassium in the blood, insomnia, low blood cell counts, menstrual disorder, palpitations, pancreatitis, ringing in the ears, severe increase in blood pressure, skin reactions caused by sunlight, tingling sensation, unusual headache with stiff neck (aseptic meningitis), vertigo, worsening of epilepsy. These are not all the side effects reported with Vioxx. Do not use this leaflet alone for information about side effects. Your doctor or pharmacist can talk to you about other side effects. Any time you or your child have a medical problem you think may be related to the described drug, talk to your doctor.

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